On August 18, 1941, Seth Samuel Erlandsson was born in Piteå, Sweden, in the family home next door to Bibeltrogna Vänner’s (Evangelical Lutheran Mission) chapel that his father Erland Pettersson had helped build. Via Norrköping, where he grew up and went to school, he came to Uppsala, where in May 1970 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the unity of the book of the prophet Isaiah, published as The Burden of Babylon: A Study of Isaiah 13:2–14:23. In 1971 he became the leader of the Biblicum Foundation in Uppsala. Today he is vice chairman of the foundation and editor of its theological journal. He lives with his wife Birgitta in Västerås. His central importance to the Biblicum Foundation is undeniable.

(The photo above was taken at a course in Stavanger, Norway, 1982.)

Through the years Dr. Erlandsson has authored a number of books and also given many courses and lectures, which are available as mp3 recordings. For this blessed instruction in the Word we are deeply grateful, and above all our thanks go to our Triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Erlandsson has also made significant contributions as a Bible translator. He was a chief translator of Svenska Folkbibeln (the Swedish Folk Bible), published 2015.

The Biblicum Foundation has published a 162 page Festschrift, Guds ord består (The Word of God Endures) to congratulate Dr. Erlandsson on his 80th birthday. This book also constitutes No. 3/2021 of the journal Biblicum. It contains articles by a dozen authors who all fully share with Erlandsson faith in the living and enduring Word God. Also included are a couple of articles by esteemed deceased teachers at Biblicum: Siegbert W Becker and Ingemar Furberg.